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Declan Finn

27+ published. 3x Dragon Award finalist. #CatholicTwitter, Urban Fantasy, Christian Fiction. Vatican Ninjas Click for free books:

Graham Bradley

Writer, illustrator, gentleman trucker

JR Handley

A little bit of crazy and a whole lot of fun! Website:

JE Tabor

SF/F Author, Classical Liberal, St. Louis Native. FICTION SHOULD BE FUN!

The Pulp Archivist

Pulp enthusiast. Occasional critic and researcher. Enthusiastic fan of the other 60% of SFF.

Chris DiNote

Freelance author published at Baen and Indie. Twenty-four-year Air Force veteran. Husband, father, Roman Catholic. All views are my own, and do not represent the official views of the United States Air Force or the Department of Defense.

Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher is a professional freelance graphic designer, copywriter and novelist living in New York's Adirondacks. His short fiction has been featured in Cirsova magazine and his debut novel Body and Blood is currently available on Amazon.

Richard Paolinelli

Richard Paolinelli began his writing journey as a freelance writer in 1984. He has written several award-winning novels, two non-fiction sports books, and has appeared in over 20 anthologies.


Retired IT guy.


Writer, reader, reviewer.